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New and used cherry pickers

A cherry picker is a common name for any type of piece of machinery that has a platform or container at the end of a hydraulic lift.  They are also called boom lifts, basket cranes and bucket trucks.  Whatever they are called, they describe a machine that raises and lowers a person, while attached to the back of a truck for aerial work.  Cherry pickers are most often seen near traffic lights, telephone poles and other utilities.  There are several types of cherry pickers and they all have different features.  Some of these features include:

  • Open bucket

  • Grounded cages

  • Locking doors

  • Worker controls

  • Telescoping booms

  • Electric motors

  • Diesel motors

Choosing a cherry pickers that is right for you will require a call or visit to a retailer to choose that features, size requirements, brand and applications you need.  Cherry pickers are available as an addition to your existing forklift, depending on the model.

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